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Australia’s leading photographic organisation, the Australian Photographic Society (APS), has been a stalwart supporter of photographers since 1962. In 2019, APS introduced the Australian Conceptual Photography Prize (MCPP) in honour of Doug Mullins, offering a prestigious platform for conceptual photographers to showcase their talent and win a substantial $30,000 prize.

Roger Skinner, founder of the Contemporary Group within APS, invited Malabar to sponsor the MCPP. Last year, with 405 entries, the adjudication process meticulously selected 30 for the exhibition at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre. This year, the winner will be announced on August 15th during the formal opening, with the exhibition running until October 12th.

Founded in 1962, APS has been a cornerstone in Australian photography, reaching milestones in membership and actively participating in international photographic activities. The Society has adapted to technological changes while nurturing a passion for photography.

The MCPP was initiated to formulate an exhibition and has evolved with the support of sponsorships, ensuring sustainability. Malabar, through its Community Sponsorship Program, contributed $2,500 towards the prize money, showcasing our dedication to supporting the arts community.

In essence, the MCPP is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the spirit of the photographic community. With Malabar’s support, the MCPP continues to shine a spotlight on Australia’s top conceptual photographers, ensuring Doug Mullins’ legacy lives on through their artistry.