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At Malabar Resources, we believe in giving back to our community and making a positive impact wherever we can. This year, we embarked on a special project aimed at providing comfort to local children experiencing traumatic situations. The idea for “Malabears” was born.

The concept was simple yet powerful: create a cute, comforting teddy bear to give to children in distressing environments. To bring this idea to life, we reached out to Tim Troon, the Acting Station Officer and Paramedic from Muswellbrook Ambulance Station. Tim, along with his colleague Kaitlyn, was immediately on board with the idea and contributed significantly to the project’s development.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Muswellbrook Ambulance Station had a tradition of handing out handmade teddy bears to children. Unfortunately, due to strict infection control restrictions during the pandemic, this practice had to be discontinued. Recognising the ongoing need for such a comforting gesture, we collaborated with Tim to ensure that each Malabear would be safe and suitable for distribution under the new health guidelines.

Together, we designed the Malabears to be individually wrapped and sealed in plastic packaging. This precaution allows the teddies to be easily wiped down, addressing any infection control concerns and ensuring the safety of both the children and the paramedics.

With the project plans in place, Malabar Resources donated 50 Malabears to the Muswellbrook Ambulance Station.  The dedicated paramedic team in Muswellbrook are now equipped with these comforting teddies to hand out to children during emergencies.

The Malabears project not only provides immediate comfort to children in distress but also strengthens our bond with the community. We are incredibly proud to support the invaluable work of our local paramedics and to bring a sense of security and warmth to the children they care for during difficult times.

At Malabar Resources, we are committed to making a difference, one Malabear at a time.