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Our first priority in the workplace is the health and safety of our people; we will never compromise on safety in the pursuit of our goals.

Our Approach

All of our operations are conducted in line with our Safety Management System. This provides a comprehensive and integrated system to manage all aspects of risks to health and safety. It brings together policies, plans and procedures to systematically monitor, and continuously improve, the health and safety of all our people.

Our People

We have a locally based workforce with 95% site-based employees living in the Hunter Region. We believe in a work environment where everyone is treated with respect, diversity and inclusion are promoted, bullying, harassment, and discrimination are not tolerated, and training, development, and learning opportunities are ample, and offer pathways for our people to realise their career aspirations.

To ensure Malabar is a safe, respectful place to work, we have a suite of human resources policies, processes, and guidelines to support our objectives. These include:

  • Principles of Corporate Governance (Code of Conduct)
  • Ethics Policy
  • Diversity Policy
  • Anti-discrimination Policy
  • Leave Policies
  • Whistle-blowing Policy
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Prevention of Sexual Harrassment Policy
  • Annual performance development reviews which allow for feedback from employees

Key Focus Areas

Our focus on health and safety assists us to:

  • Identify, assess, manage and reduce risks (as far as is practicable)
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace with systems that appropriately support the work we do
  • Provide training and resources to support the implementation of our Safety Management System
  • Actively monitor, investigate, analyse and report our Health and Safety performance, and
  • Continually strive to improve both our systems and performance

We complete Risk Assessments on an ongoing basis to improve and enhance our policies and to adopt safe work practises on-site.