Malabar took ownership and control of various Drayton assets on 26 February 2018 including a coal preparation plant, train load-out facility, and administrative buildings, which were previously used to service the Drayton Open Cut Mine. 

This infrastructure, now called the ‘Maxwell Infrastructure’, will be used to service the future underground mines at the Maxwell and Spur Hill Projects. By using the existing infrastructure, Malabar will reduce the impact of its operations on the local community, neighbours and the environment.

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Rehabilitation of the Drayton Mine

The purchase also included the acquisition of the now closed Drayton Open Cut Mine, which Malabar has been rehabilitating since it took control of the land in February 2018.

We started rehabilitation work at the Drayton site as quickly as possible, with the first bulldozer commencing work on the mine site in early March 2018.

Site rehabilitation will be undertaken in two stages.

The first stage is to shape the land and establish pasture and trees on the overburden emplacement areas. This initial work is expected to take around two years, with additional rehabilitation work occurring over time. Once this work is complete, we are open to different uses for the site. To that end, we have had preliminary conversations with the local community about different ways the land could be used.

The currently approved final landforms leave voids. Malabar has publicly stated its plan to improve these final landforms to result in a more visually appealing outcome. This will be the second stage of our rehabilitation work.

We will continue to update the community and other stakeholders on the progress of the rehabilitation as work is completed and milestones are met.


Maxwell Infrastructure Downloads

Maxwell Infrastructure Downloads

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Maxwell Infrastructure Map