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Malabar has a unique approach to developing our assets and recognises the need to transition to a low carbon economy. This approach includes rehabilitating previously mined areas for sustainable activities including renewables and agriculture.

Malabar owns 8,900 hectares in the region. Much of this land is licensed to local farmers for productive agricultural activities such as grazing or cropping. 

Key Benefits

  • Rehabilitation has involved reshaping overburden and exposed areas then seeding with native woodland or pasture seed mixes, and tree planting.
  • In consultation with an agronomist and ecologist, Malabar has reviewed the pasture and woodland seed mixes to target species likely to occur in the area and compatible with the local climatic conditions.
  • Soil ameliorants such as gypsum, biosolids and mulch are used to increase soil organic matter, improve soil nutrient levels and promote vegetation growth. 
  • Grazing trials of pasture on mine rehabilitation which increases the diversity of grass species.