Malabar holds an exploration licence (EL 7429) over a 33 km2 area of land to the west of the the Maxwell Underground Project, known as the Spur Hill Underground Coking Project (Spur Hill Underground).

Malabar is currently undertaking exploration studies and detailed technical work to determine the next steps in developing the project.


Lease Coal Resources (Millions of tonnes)
Measured and Indicated                 Inferred                     Total    
EL7429 (Spur Hill) 394 232 626


maxwell project map 20190618

 Background Air Quality Monitoring

Background Dust Monitoring Data

Spur Hill Management installed an ambient air quality monitoring device known as a ‘TEOM’ in late March 2013 to gather baseline dust concentration data in the vicinity of its Exploration Licence 7429.

Information collected from the air quality monitoring device is presented below for the information of the community. 

The Spur Hill Underground Coking Coal Project is not operational and has not commenced.  The data below present existing (baseline) air quality in the area.

The device measures the concentrations of particulate matter less than 10 micrometres (µm) in size (PM10), and particulate matter less than 2.5 µm in size (PM2.5). PM10 emissions can arise from a range of activities, from vehicle movements, mining activities and combustion sources. PM2.5 emissions are mainly associated with combustion sources, such as vehicles, power stations, residential wood burning and bushfires.

The location of the device is presented in the following figure.

Spur Hill TEOM Location

Location of Air Quality Monitoring Device near EL 7429

Measured Data – PM10

All 24-hour average PM10 concentrations measured by the TEOM since April 2013 and are shown on the following figure. 

PM10 Data

Measured 24-hour Average PM10 Concentrations (µg/m³)(1)

Measured Data – PM2.5

All 24-hour average PM2.5 concentrations measured by the TEOM since April 2013 are shown on the following figure. 

PM2 5 Data

 Measured 24-hour Average PM2.5 Concentrations (µg/m³)(1)

Spur Hill Management will update the data regularly following quality control checks of the data.

(1) Micrograms per cubic metre.