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The Maxwell Project is an underground coal mining development located east of Denman and south of Muswellbrook.

The project will produce high quality coals with at least 75% capable of being used in the making of steel and will deliver about 250 construction jobs and 350 jobs during operation into the region that will provide a real boost for the local economy, keeping families and young people in the region.

The project has been shaped by more than six years of ongoing consultation with the local community and our neighbours. Since announcing our intended acquisition of the mine in late 2017, we have been proactive to ensure our proposal is aligned with the expectations of our local community, which has meant developing the area as an underground mine that would be vastly different from past proposals for the site.

It is Malabar’s strong view that this underground project can comfortably co-exist with other industries and land uses in the area.

At Malabar’s request, the NSW Government amended the exploration licence (EL) to give up the portion of the EL located beneath and to the south of the Golden Highway, and to restrict any future development to underground mining only.

In addition to this, and with the full support of Malabar, the NSW Government has added a further layer of protection, a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), to provide legal certainty that only an underground project can be developed within EL5460.

Throughout the planning process we have taken a number of practical steps to reduce our impact on the environment and the community. To that end, we will be using the established facilities at ‘Maxwell Infrastructure’ to process and rail all coal we intend to mine at the Maxwell Underground Project.

The EIS, Assessment Report and Development Consent are available to download from the NSW Government’s Major Projects website. 


Lease JORC Resources (Millions of tonnes)
Measured and Indicated Inferred Total
EL5460 (Maxwell) 670 100 770

Project Benefits

Project Progress

We have received NSW state government development approval and federal approval  to develop the project. This includes the construction of the mine entry area and surface infrastructure in a location that shields these facilities from rural properties by ridgelines so limiting the mine’s visual impact.

In gaining approvals for the Maxwell Underground Project, we prepared a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with input from recognised experts to provide a thorough understanding of potential environmental and social impacts. These detailed studies demonstrated that the Maxwell Underground Project can proceed safely with minimal and manageable impacts on the local environment. 

The EIS, Assessment Report and Development Consent are available to download from the NSW Government's Major Projects website. 

 Project Fact Sheets


22/12/2020 Maxwell Statement Of Reasons pdf
22/12/2020 Maxwell Development Consent pdf
22/12/2020 IPC Media Release pdf
11/11/2020 Maxwell IPC Public Hearing - Wayne Seabrook  pdf
11/11/2020 Maxwell IPC Public Hearing - James Johnson  pdf
11/11/2020 Maxwell IPC Public Hearing - Donna McLaughlin pdf
11/11/2020 Independent Planning Commission Portal link
01/10/2020 DPIE Assessment Report pdf
20/11/2019 Maxwell Project Submissions Report pdf
14/08/2019 Environmental Impact Statement link
06/2019 Community Newsletter (June 2019) pdf
27/12/2018 Gateway Certificate (Maxwell) link
23/08/2018 EPBC Act Referral (Maxwell Ventures) link
23/08/2018 Gateway Application (Maxwell) link
09/08/2018 Scoping Report link