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At Malabar Resources, we are excited to introduce a new addition to our mine site, a stunning piece of indigenous artwork that beautifully captures the essence of our location and pays tribute to the land and its people. This artwork is not just a visual spectacle; it tells a story, celebrating the deep-rooted connections to the land and its cultural significance.

A Powerful Depiction of the Landscape

This magnificent artwork has been carefully crafted to reflect the unique features of our location. The artist has expertly portrayed important landmarks in the area, such as Saddlers Creek, depicted in the serene blue tones in the bottom right-hand corner. The majestic Mount Arthur, rising proudly on the top right-hand corner, is also featured, reminding us of the natural beauty that surrounds our operations.

A Sky Alive with Totems

Intriguingly, the artwork also showcases a dramatic depiction of wedge-tailed eagles soaring in the sky on the left-hand side. These eagles are more than just a part of the landscape; they hold a special significance to the local Wanaruah people as their totem. This representation adds depth to the artwork, connecting the human and natural worlds, and reinforcing the idea that we are intrinsically tied to the land and its inhabitants.

A Gathering Place for All

At the heart of the artwork, a vibrant and captivating centrepiece symbolises a gathering place for people. This central feature represents a space where all are equal, echoing the ideals of our mine site. Inclusivity, unity, and mutual respect are values we hold close to our hearts, and this piece of art embodies those values beautifully.

Nature’s Palette: A Blend of Earthly Tones

The choice of colours in this artwork was carefully considered to reflect the natural hues of the landscape that surrounds our mine. The artist has masterfully blended earthy tones, vibrant greens, and serene blues, mirroring the colours found in the flora, fauna, and waters that are integral to the area. This conscious selection of colours ties the artwork even closer to the land, reinforcing the link between our operations and the environment.


This artwork is a tribute to the land and its people, a testament to our commitment to respecting and preserving the cultural heritage of the area in which we operate. We invite all members of our team and visitors to take a moment to appreciate this remarkable piece of art, to reflect on its message, and to embrace the values it represents. It is a symbol of our dedication to responsible mining, sustainable practices, and our sincere respect for the environment and indigenous culture. We hope it will serve as a constant reminder of our mission as we continue our operations on this land.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the artist and the Wanaruah people for sharing their cultural wisdom. We look forward to the conversations and connections this artwork will inspire as we move forward, hand in hand with the land and its people.