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Mackenzie Day, a rising star in the world of rugby league from Denman Sandy Hollow Junior Rugby League, has been selected as the latest beneficiary of the Malabar Community Sponsorship Program.

Mackenzie Day, a standout player in the Under 17’s women’s rugby league team, has shown remarkable dedication and skill throughout the season. Her talent on the field didn’t go unnoticed, as she was recently identified by the Wanderers Australia as a promising young rugby league talent. Subsequently, in an exciting turn of events, Mackenzie Day has received an invitation to join the 2023 tour of the UK and France. During this tour, she will have the unique opportunity to compete against high-level international teams and receive top-tier coaching, an experience that promises to further develop her skills and shape her promising career. The tour in the UK and France, scheduled for December 2023, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mackenzie to not only showcase her talents on the global stage but also to represent her country in the sport she loves most.

As part of the Malabar Community Sponsorship Program, Mackenzie Day has been awarded $500 to help cover the costs associated with her participation in this prestigious tournament. This financial support will assist her in making the most of this incredible opportunity and continuing her journey towards becoming a rugby league superstar.

Malabar Resources congratulates Mackenzie Day on her achievements and wishes her the very best as she embarks on this exciting journey to the UK and France. Malabar remains committed to supporting local talents and initiatives that promote community growth and development.

For more information about the Malabar Community Sponsorship Program and its beneficiaries, please click here.